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Austin Icons Lapel Pin

Austin Icons Lapel Pin

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A pin to truly make you stand out. 

The Austin Texas Local Mix Cassette Tape lapel Pin plays the sound of Austin nostalgia eight days a week. What would be on your ATX local mix tape? I’d definitely start off with some Willie Nelson, a bit of Spoon, and some seriously local Daniel Johnston from ’83.


You’re My Butter Half is an amazing way to say, “I am only complete with you by my side.” There’s much more to this image then you may know. This pin is part of an  inspirational collaboration with Creative Suitcase and United Way. 

Daniel Johnstons "Hi, How Are You" has become an anthem of not only kindness and caring but a strong anthem for mental heath awareness. Daniel has since left this world but will never leave our hearts or our quest to truly check in with each other.

Our Candy Map lapel pin is a sweet way to remember, home is where the heart is- and our hearts are always in Austin. 

The "So Close Yet So Far Out" Lapel Pin- yes, we often get asked if we see it too. We certainly do. We see it and embrace it. And, though the name of the sign’s designer is lost to history, we’re proud to say that his or her greatest erection lives on.

Our Austin Bat Lapel Pin is dedicated to the world’s largest urban bat colony, which emerge from under the Congress Avenue Bridge in downtown Austin every summer.

The Texas Six Lapel pin celebrates the six sovereign countries that have had control over some of all of Texas territory: Spain (1519–1685; 1690–1821), France (1685–1690), Mexico  (1821–1836), the Republic of Texas (1836–1845), the United States  (1845–1861; 1865–present), and the Confederate States (1861–1865).[1]

Local Artist Design 1" inch.

Soft Enamel Pin.

Single Clutch Rubber Backing.

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